A history of choices

For those who choose


Serena 1881 was established in the year of the 140th anniversary of the company’s foundation.

The project is rooted in the values the company has proudly pursued for five generations: tradition, territory, transparency, sustainability and quality. 

The five generations have inspired a line featuring special design.  The bottle for this trademark features a circular element that represents the experience of the Serena family over the centuries.  Its design was the result of cooperation with the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, a project to celebrate Veneto excellence and art. 

It was our desire to create a line that represents the resilience and courage we need to rise up with determination and independence after the experience of 2020. Our passion for the territory that hosts our vines has taught us to respond coherently to each historic moment, and that every drop of wine must be feted because it is unique and special. 

Serena 1881 is dedicated to those who make choices; to spend time with their families and enjoy the company of friends, to set off on an adventure when we can or stay at home and read a book, embark on a career, pamper their childlike innocence, and express love, perhaps by adopting a dog.  We must cultivate positive thoughts of hope. 


Serena 1881 represents an expression of personality, because we are defined by the choices we make. So let’s serve a wine full of the spirit of confidence, independence and values, where every bottle reveals good taste and elegance. 


Art and history

Going back to exploring our origins in Venice.

In 1390, the Serena family was recorded as a member of the Venetian aristocracy, and would go on to distinguish itself in the particular business of glass making.
With Serena 1881 we wish to return to our origins, and it is in Venice that our project began to take shape.

The company is cooperating with the Venetian Fine Arts Academy and has invited its more promising students to take part in a competition: an ambitious project to design a bottle that narrates our story and values.

This is an important project assigned to young people, in whom the Serena family has always believed and invested by promoting this type of cooperation. 

In the halls of the Academy one idea stood out from the rest… a bottle featuring delicate lines, where the foundation year links binds together the five generations represented by a spiral composed of five lines, to the Serena surname.

Undoubtedly a bottle with an identity, important origins and a story to tell.